If you haven’t visited our Facebook page …

Samples of special postings on Facebook.
Samples of special postings on Facebook.

… recently, you’ve missed connecting with a number of interesting and important stories.

That’s because although the club’s Facebook page has most of what is posted on the blog portion of our website, it also frequently has other postings illustrating the wide range of pubic service efforts made by Rotarians around the world.

The most recent postings deal with a Brazilian supermodel who serves as a Rotary ambassador and worked on behalf of RI’s “World Immunization Week”; Rotary’s efforts to stop female circumcision in Africa; how a Rotary grant funded clean water for thousands in Ghana; what Rotary is doing to help alleviate the plight of Middle Eastern refugees streaming into Europe; Pope Francis’s meeting with a Rotary delegation to discuss anti0polio efforts; and on and on.

So, why not bookmark both the website and the Facebook page for quick access on a regular basis? You’ll be glad you did.



For your consideration

SRC Logo Prototype

Since introducing a minimalist version of the familiar Rotary International logo a little more than a year or so ago, RI has been encouraging individual clubs to come up with their own logo, incorporating the new design.

Since we don’t have an individual logo for our club, perhaps we should begin considering one.

Here’s something to start the discussion. It incorporates the new logo, a clean Optima typeface that is in keeping with the minimalist RI design, and a stylized drawing of the Hudson River with Southern Rensselaer County (and some green bushes, get it?) on the right.

Use the form below to share your reaction to this logo.

Your view on this SRC logo

Check out our 2 new website pages

Rotary Youth Exchange logoThe observant folks among you may have noticed something different about our website’s page index at the top of the screen.

Take a look. See what we mean? Two new pages have been added to the lineup: Youth Exchange and ShelterBox.

As we resurrect our student exchange program, with Youth Exchange Officer A.J. Amato on the point, it seemed appropriate to post a selection of videos made by students themselves to describe their year living and studying abroad, the mixture of emotions they experienced, some tips for other students interested in such an experience, and more.

The new page also includes a Q&A covering the basics of the program. From time to time, we will post other videos as well as general information on Rotary Youth Exchange on that page.

ShelterBox logoThe other new page celebrates our ongoing support of the ShelterBox global disaster relief program, to which we recently donated another $5,000. It explains what is in a ShelterBox, how the boxes are delivered, how you can continue to assist, and other information.

Incidentally, if you’re planning to visit a local nursery to get your spring plants or seeds, you may want to stop in at Faddegon’s Nursery, 1140 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham. There, owners Jack and Nancy Faddegon, who have coordinated District 7190’s ShelterBox efforts for the past decade, have created a ShelterBox display to help inform their customers about this ongoing humanitarian project.

What is Rotary? Here’s something to share

From time to time, each of us is asked “What is Rotary?” Our responses probably vary, and that makes sense because Rotary is a very personal thing that means different things to different people.

However, if you’d like to have a basic, brief yet wide-ranging answer to give to potential members and others in the community, we suggest you share this bit of video with them.

The 102-second video was created on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus by the Rotoract Club of Larnaca, a club of young professionals ages 18 to 30.

Rotary magazine available in hard copy and online

The current issue.
The current issue cover.

Part of your annual dues go toward a required subscription to the monthly Rotary magazine. Are you a regular reader of it?

If not, you might want to browse through the current issue, which contains some very interesting stories.

The cover story in particular tells the tale of a determined, innovative woman who has had a major, enduring impact on her adopted home of India with a record of creating medical facilities and schools that have upgraded the quality of life there despite having to overcome numerous obstacles.

Not into paper? You can read the magazine online, complete with all stories, photos and announcements. Just click here to do so.

Well, at least it’s coverage

The Times Union published a photo we submitted covering our induction of 11 new members on Thursday. That’s the good news. The bad news: Whoever processed the photo for publication for some reason used only a handful of the names we supplied, and misspelled one name.

But, as the old saying goes, “Any publicity is good publicity.” In this case, we’ll take it.


SRC’s 1000th post also its first ‘You Tube’ video

 You can see an array of still photos from our November 5 “no-sew” blanket workshop in the post below, but we thought you might like to see a little activity as well.

Feel free to share this video with any of your e-mail or Facebook friends. We’ve posted other videos here over the years, but this is our first homemade one.

Incidentally, this also is the 1,000th post on this website. Hurray for us!

Introducing the new Rotary logo

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 5.55.57 PM

In line with the new Rotary International branding campaign, we have begun phasing in our new club logo.

It emphasizes the Rotary symbol and the word Rotary in bold letters. This is inspired by an international survey that says the symbol is widely recognized, although not necessarily as the entity we call Rotary. Thus, the bold name in alignment with the new one-color symbol.

We will begin phasing out any old Rotary logos and other ID in our official communications, and complete the transition in time for the start of the 2014-15 Rotary Year.