If you haven’t visited our Facebook page …

Samples of special postings on Facebook.
Samples of special postings on Facebook.

… recently, you’ve missed connecting with a number of interesting and important stories.

That’s because although the club’s Facebook page has most of what is posted on the blog portion of our website, it also frequently has other postings illustrating the wide range of pubic service efforts made by Rotarians around the world.

The most recent postings deal with a Brazilian supermodel who serves as a Rotary ambassador and worked on behalf of RI’s “World Immunization Week”; Rotary’s efforts to stop female circumcision in Africa; how a Rotary grant funded clean water for thousands in Ghana; what Rotary is doing to help alleviate the plight of Middle Eastern refugees streaming into Europe; Pope Francis’s meeting with a Rotary delegation to discuss anti0polio efforts; and on and on.

So, why not bookmark both the website and the Facebook page for quick access on a regular basis? You’ll be glad you did.



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