Scenes from a Saturday night mixer

Roberto Martinez and Jim Leyhane co-hosted a Saturday night mixer at Roberto’s residence to allow our newest Rotarians to meet some of the “old guard.” The event was a big hit with members and their many guests.

And, as karma would have it, Roberto won the drawing for a free biplane flight at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, donated by the “living museum” during a presentation to the club earlier in the week.

Thanks to Roberto and Jim for a very good time.

Heading up the hill to party!
Heading up the hill to party!
Our gracious hosts, Roberto and Jim.
Our gracious hosts, Roberto and Jim.
A wide array of appetizers quickly laid waste.
A wide array of appetizers was quickly laid waste by hungry partygoers.
Extra 1
We always know where to find David.
Carole and Amatos
Carole imparts some wisdom … or something.
Raymonds and Jim B
A Mr. Butterworth moment.
Shannon and Ron
Some conversational clusters.
Deb, Giuliana,, Geoff
Deb, Giuliana, and Geoff enjoy a moment.
Andy and Mary share a laugh.
Terry talk
President Terry explains the raffle rules.
David and Julia
David chatting with Julia, a recent guest speaker for our club.
A pair of Deweys.
Peter and Monika
Monika and Peter strike a pose.
Becky ponying up $5 for a raffle ticket.
Raffle 2
Murray and Roberto peddling raffle tickets.
New member Becky’s guests.
Stewart, Betty, Leonardo
Stewart and Betty deep in conversation.


Party 1
Guests Lois and Julia sharing a moment.
Party 2
Matt’s first photo appearance (and April almost made it into the frame).
Uniform of the day.
Uniform of the day.



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