For your consideration

SRC Logo Prototype

Since introducing a minimalist version of the familiar Rotary International logo a little more than a year or so ago, RI has been encouraging individual clubs to come up with their own logo, incorporating the new design.

Since we don’t have an individual logo for our club, perhaps we should begin considering one.

Here’s something to start the discussion. It incorporates the new logo, a clean Optima typeface that is in keeping with the minimalist RI design, and a stylized drawing of the Hudson River with Southern Rensselaer County (and some green bushes, get it?) on the right.

Use the form below to share your reaction to this logo.

Your view on this SRC logo


One thought on “For your consideration

  1. From Peter Brown:

    I’m very glad Bill proposed this, we definitely need a better club banner. SRC is now the home of some high tech developments and it might be nice to allude to them in our pennant. It is also the center for some important events in history.

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