Help! SRC is looking for …

Screen shot 2016-03-31 at 10.27.32 AM… a few good men AND women to ensure the continuing success and effectiveness of our club.

We are looking to quickly come up with a slate of candidates to put before the membership who will support that slate for the next few Rotary Years. That means we need three people — a President-elect, a Vice President, and another At-Large board member — to step up.

Although our club has for years been extremely successful and is recognized throughout District 7190 for its local and global public service efforts, we are looking to infuse it with some fresh insights and energies rather than having to continually rely so heavily on the usual core leadership group that has been stepping up for years. They’ll still be very involved, but they need people to share the load.

That’s where a lot of you — especially some of our newer Rotarians — can contribute your talents and ideas.

As we all know, our President-Elect Debbie Rodriguez will succeed Terry Brewer as president on July 1, the start of the 2016-17 Rotary Year. But, that’s as far as we’ve planned.

A President-Elect would work with Debbie to learn more about Rotary operations, then become President for 2017-18. A Vice President then would become President-Elect with a path to the office of President for 2018-19.

The bottom line is that the new officers, who would become members of the Board, would thus have plenty of time to learn the “ropes” of Rotary in a low-pressure way before assuming leadership of the club. Plus, District 7190 and Rotary International provide excellent training opportunities through such endeavors as PETS (Presidents-Elect Training Seminars) for Rotarians about to become club presidents, and RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) sessions available on an annual basis. Many of us have found RLI training in particular helpful not only for Rotary but for our business endeavors as well. And, they don’t cost you a cent.

So, please contact me ASAP if you’ll like to be what I like to refer to as “a true Rotarian rather than just a member of Rotary.” I’ll be glad to answer any questions. But, time is of the essence.

Thanks for your consideration.

Bill Dowd
Immediate Past President
Nominating Committee Chair


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