Check out our 2 new website pages

Rotary Youth Exchange logoThe observant folks among you may have noticed something different about our website’s page index at the top of the screen.

Take a look. See what we mean? Two new pages have been added to the lineup: Youth Exchange and ShelterBox.

As we resurrect our student exchange program, with Youth Exchange Officer A.J. Amato on the point, it seemed appropriate to post a selection of videos made by students themselves to describe their year living and studying abroad, the mixture of emotions they experienced, some tips for other students interested in such an experience, and more.

The new page also includes a Q&A covering the basics of the program. From time to time, we will post other videos as well as general information on Rotary Youth Exchange on that page.

ShelterBox logoThe other new page celebrates our ongoing support of the ShelterBox global disaster relief program, to which we recently donated another $5,000. It explains what is in a ShelterBox, how the boxes are delivered, how you can continue to assist, and other information.

Incidentally, if you’re planning to visit a local nursery to get your spring plants or seeds, you may want to stop in at Faddegon’s Nursery, 1140 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham. There, owners Jack and Nancy Faddegon, who have coordinated District 7190’s ShelterBox efforts for the past decade, have created a ShelterBox display to help inform their customers about this ongoing humanitarian project.


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