1st reaction to our basket haul? Yay!!!!!

chs baskets
Some of the basket preppers at Columbia High School.

Finished baskets delivered by our club on Friday to Circles of Mercy for its annual “Easter Baskets for Cate’s Kids” program elicited an ecstatic response.

Richard S. Zazycki, executive director of the family services organization, emailed Bill Dowd, our project coordinator:

“Dear Bill: Just wanted to follow up with you on the wonderful baskets that have been delivered here at Circles of Mercy. … The numbers of baskets have been remarkable, and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are. Many thanks!

“Our partnership with SRC has opened Circles of Mercy to others who can help us with our mission of helping others. We are grateful for all you and the Rotary members have done to support Circles and we look forward to continuing this terrific collaboration.”

That “number” Richard referred to is 50, a resounding 150% increase over our contribution a year ago, the first time we participated in the drive.

Our thanks to all SRC Rotary Club members — with special thanks for the stupendous effort at Columbia High School — who participated in ways large and small to this effort. Not only do we help needy kids ages 2-12, at every step in the process we involved young people, a practice we hope will help instill in them the mantra of “Service Above Self” that defines Rotary.


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