Make that ‘Only 22 days to … ‘

Quiz Slide
Yes, time does fly, but not as fast as that may seem. This same graphic image was posted recently as a tease for the upcoming “2nd annual Great North American Whizbang Trivia Test,” which had been scheduled for May. But, at that time it trumpeted “54 days.”

However, a program scheduling change has shortened the timeline. The trivia fun will begin right after dinner on Thursday, April 7, at Quigley’s. The defending champion from 2015, our Assistant District Governor Bob Van Alstine, has been invited to defend his crown.

This stress-free, casual fun event will be self-scored on the honor system, with the top three finishers receiving prizes. We’d particularly urge our newer members who usually attend only our breakfast sessions to join us at this dinner event, and feel free to bring a guest.

And, to give everyone a leg up on what we’ll be asking, while the questions remain under lock and key the categories are not. We’ll be testing your knowledge in these areas:


A little something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you there.


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