SRC’s sponsors roster is growing

SRC Sponsors TagThe Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club salutes our ongoing and/or event sponsors and encourages you to patronize these businesses that help make our community a vibrant place to live.

They are individuals and businesses that have sponsored roadside signs during running events, program brochures for special dinners, and our recent “Bowling for Vets” fundraiser, and indoor golf events, in addition to ongoing general support of the club through in-kind assistance.

Plus, w]e added a few new sponsors for our recent indoor simulator golf tournament, as well as retaining a few regulars.

At this time, our sponsors roster includes such diverse enterprises as CPAs, veterinary services, security services, hardware supplies, construction companies, eateries, banking, flooring, autos and automotive supplies, appraisal service, physical therapy … and many more.. All that in addition to the generosity of many of our individual memebrs and their families.

For a list of who they are, simply go to the top of this page and click on



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