Update: Rotary Home Cooking reservations

SRC Breakfast Chef logoWe have three (3) dates in our annual “Rotary Home Cooking” dinner series for which we’re currently taking reservations. Remember, these social events act as fundraisers for the club’s general treasury.

For those of you new to the concept, here’s how it works: Club members host informal dinners, usually with a theme, at their homes. Their contribution is the food and drink; the  guests’ contribution is a per-person price as determined by the hosts, based on their costs.

And, as always, reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-accepted basis. Please respond directly to the hosts.

We still have May and June open for anyone wishing to host such an event. If you’re interested, please contact event coordinator Debbie Rodriguez.

Here’s where we stand:

Saturday, February 27 — A German-influenced sauerbraten dinner at the Forth residence in East Greenbush. Guest Limit: 8. (4 seats remaining)

Saturday, March 19 — A French-themed dinner with a guest chef at the Bailey residence in Nassau. Guest Limit: 8. (4 seats remaining)

Saturday, April 16 — An American fusion-influenced fine wine pairing and small plates event at the Dowd residence in Troy. Guest Limit: 6. (2 seats remaining)

Here’s the menu for the Dowds’ event ($45 per person):

“Fine Wines & Small Plates: An American Fusion Tasting”

1st Course

— Smoked salmon with cream cheese and caper shmear, red onion confetti, on melba cracker rounds
— Assorted cheeses with rosemary crackers
— Prosecco (California) sparkling wine

2nd Course

— Cream of leek, potato, and chive demitasse with Asiago curl
— Piccadillo-filled tortilla roll wrap
— Lieb Cellars (Long Island) Chardonnay

3rd Course

— Crab cakes with Cajun remoulade, arugula salad and lemon vinaigrette
— Dr. Frank (Finger Lakes) Semi-Dry Riesling

4th Course

— Sliced filet mignon with herbed butter, mini twice-baked red potatoes
— Diced heirloom tomatoes in herbed Meyer lemon olive oil vinaigrette
— Malbec Reserve (Argentina)

5th Course

— Dessert and aperitif to be decided


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