Another success story at Little Brook Farm

A 2-year-old thoroughbred brought back to health.
A 2-year-old thoroughbred brought back to health at Little Brook Farm.

Many of our SRC Club members are familiar with the good work done by Lynn Cross at her Little Brook Farm in Columbia County. There, she cares for and rehabilitates abused animals, primarily horses, among other healing activities.

Our club as a whole and some individual members have donated thousands of dollars to the Little Brook programs, which include equine therapy sessions for students with special needs.

Above is the latest success story in pictures of one of Lynn’s rescued animals.

Lynn’s mission statement says, in part, “Our mission is to advocate the humane treatment of all animals through rescue, sanctuary, and rehabilitation. In conjunction with educational, vocational, and therapeutic programs, we blend an
innovative multi-faceted approach that links the needs of the rescued animals with the specific needs of our students.”

For a tour of the farm that Bill and April Dowd and daughter-in-law Amy Dowd, a horse farm owner and harness horse trainer, took a few years ago prior to our first financial grant, click on this link in our website.


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