How to help our ‘Hospital Stay Brochure’ project

Hospital brochure Stats

Here’s an encouraging update: The “Hospital Stay Brochure” project the club has endorsed has received more than 200 hits (visitor views) since its inception. (Click on the chart to see an expanded view.)

However, simply hosting some information, such as the brochure, does not automatically mean people outside our club will know it exists or where to get a copy. The number highlighted in green on the chart shows our best day. That came about when a social media blitz was carried out. But, a one-shot effort isn’t satisfactory. That’s were you come in.

If you have any sort of social media involvement — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. — please use it to let people know about this brochure that could help make the hospital stay of a relative, friend, neighbor, or colleague go a lot smoother for them and/or their representative or care giver.

Simply share this link — — that will take anyone using it directly to our website page that includes an introduction to the brochure and links to downloading copies.

Nothing to it. If you do it, that is.


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