Have you RSVP’d for our ‘Mediterranean Night’?

Screen shot 2015-12-07 at 5.05.07 PMThis Thursday night will treat us to cuisine and culture from neighboring Mediterranean peninsulas.

After a meal of Quigley’s famous Italian ziti and meatballs, club member Dean Calamaras will present an illustrated travelogue from one peninsula to the right — that’s Greece — titled “Corinth: Ancient Crossroads of the Mediterranean.”

As always, the deadline for making dinner reservations with meal coordinator Debbie Brown (mdbrown@nycap.rr.com) is Tuesday evening. Please be sure you are on the list if you plan to attend, be sure to include the names of guests, or let Debbie know if your earlier RSVP plans have changed.

As of this morning, here’s who has reserved a seat:

A.J. Amato
Pat Bailey
Terry Brewer
Debbie Brown
Peter Brown
Dean Calamaras
Bill Dowd
Murray Forth
Ray Hannan
Jim Leyhane
Debbie Rodriguez
Carole Spencer


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