‘Adopt-a-Family’ project quickly hits capacity

Adopt a Family logoTHIS email was sent to all SRC members Monday evening, November 30, 2015.

Well, that didn’t take long at all!

We have received enough pledges of gift donations to completely fill the family’s wish list for the annual Circles of Mercy “Adopt-a-Family for Christmas” effort.

Please check the attached spreadsheet that shows gifts, recipients and donors so you know what is on your shopping list. Once your gifts are purchased, holiday wrapped, and tagged with the name of the recipient, please give them to Bill Dowd at our SRC Rotary Club dinner meeting this Thursday (December 3) or next (December 10). That December 10 date is a firm deadline.

To those who responded so quickly, thank you. To those who might have been planning to participate, there’s always some other community effort around the corner. Think post-holiday food pantry donations, for example. We supply three strategically-placed venues each January when they have been depleted by holiday demand.

Meanwhile, happy shopping to all!

NOTE: The above-mentioned spreadsheet was not placed here on the website to protect the privacy of the recipient family.


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