Our ‘Adopt-a-Family’ effort is under way

Adopt a Family logoE-mails went out today to each of our members, containing details of our club’s participation in the Circles of Mercy annual “Adopt-a-Family for Christmas” drive.

We’re hoping for the usual generosity for our family of almost-5 (check the e-mails for names and details on that headcount). Their wish list is divided into “need to have” and “nice to have” items. We’re hoping to provide all of them.

If several people want to provide any of the larger items, they can always partner on the cost. But, in all instances the donations have to be managed to (1) avoid duplication, and (2) insure that we fill the entire list. To that end, please let Bill Dowd know by e-mail ASAP what you would like to donate, but PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING until you hear back from him to confirm. That will avoid unnecessary complications.

Donations, gift wrapped and tagged with the intended recipients’ names, need to be given to Bill no later than our Thursday, December 10, dinner meeting to allow for transport to Circles of Mercy’s Rensselaer headquarters in time for compilation and distribution.


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