After-dinner demo will heat up Thursday’s meeting

Screen shot 2015-10-13 at 3.05.41 PMRobert Parzak, who visited the SRC Club last year to tell us about thermoelectric power generation, is scheduled to return this Thursday, courtesy of Stewart Wagner.

Bob’s after-dinner program: “Thermoelectric Power Production — Domestic Solutions Intersect with Third World Needs.” His live demonstration will create electricity directly from heat, building on his previous demo to show how this innovative technology is capable of being a durable, renewable source of power and heat for small domestic structures, and has the potential for helping third world countries deploy efficient, locally-fueled disaster relief.

If you have not yet let dinner coordinator Debbie Brown know if you’ll be attending this week — and whether you’re bringing a guest or two — tonight (Tuesday) is the deadline for doing so.

This week’s dinner will be Quigley’s uber-popular ziti and meatballs, along with veggie, salad, bread, dessert and beverages.


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