Early RSVP deadline for Presidential Changeover

Gavel2Our weekly RSVP request is being posted a day or so earlier than usual because we need your responses a day earlier.

As you know, Debbie and Peter Brown are generously hosting the event at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 25, when I hand over the presidential gavel to Terry Brewer for the 2015-16 Rotary Year that begins on July 1.

All who plan to attend are asked to bring a salad or appetizer. The Browns will provide all other sustenance. Please provide any additional reservations or changes NO LATER THAN MONDAY EVENING, June 22, to allow them ample kitchen planning time.

The latest headcount shows us at 22 people, which includes four guests — Betty Brewer, Diane Leyhane, Maggie Forth and Jeremy Forth. IF YOU PLAN TO BRING A GUEST, please be sure his or her name is on the list that follows:


  1. Pat Bailey
  2. Geoff Brewer
  3. Terry Brewer
  4. Betty Brewer (guest)
  5. Debbie Brown
  6. Peter Brown
  7. April Dowd
  8. Bill Dowd
  9. Dick Drumm
  10. Charlie Foote
  11. Murray Forth
  12. Maggie Forth (guest)
  13. Jeremy Forth (guest)
  14. Ray Hannan
  15. Len Leonidas
  16. Jim Leyhane
  17. Diane Leyhane (guest)
  18. Roberto Martinez
  19. Carol Orvis
  20. Debbie Rodriguez
  21. Shannon Romanowski
  22. Carole Spencer


  1. Ron Annis
  2. Dean Calamaras
  3. Doris Calamaras
  4. Jim Mendrysa
  5. Rommel Tolentino


  1. A.J. Amato
  2. Jim Butterworth
  3. Rob Mangold
  4. David Taylor
  5. Stewart Wagner
  6. Melissa Bill


One thought on “Early RSVP deadline for Presidential Changeover

  1. For those who may not have been at our house previously, we are at 18 Clove Rd Castleton. That’s not in the village. You can get here either from Rte 9J or from Rte 9. From 9J take Muitzeskill Rd to the second left, onto Clove, and immediately turn right into our drive. From 9 take Maple Hill to the first left onto South Schodack ( by the high school) and then the second right onto Clove. You will have to drive to the other end of Clove from this direction

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