Medically-related program arc continues this week

Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 3.23.39 PMOur after-dinner speaker this Thursday will be Allison Reinhardt of the YMCA, speaking on “Aging & Physical Fitness.”

This certainly is an important and interesting topic, and perhaps something you’d like a colleague, friend or family member to hear.

It is part of a four-meeting arc of medically-related programs that began with a presentation by Carol Heaney of Community Hospice, followed last week with Dr. Rommel Tolentino’s “Famous Names In Medicine.” Next week will be  Dr. John Matthews of the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders.

The dinner menu this week will feature Chicken Marsala, rice, vegetables, bread, dessert and beverages. As always, we need your final RSVP no later than Tuesday. A reminder to all: If you make a reservation, you must pay for it even if you’re a no-show. This has been our policy for several years for a simple reason: We have to pay the restaurant for the reservation even if it is not honored.

Here’s where we stand so far:

  1. Pat Bailey
  2. Terry Brewer
  3. Debbie Brown
  4. Peter Brown
  5. Jim Butterworth
  6. April Dowd
  7. Bill Dowd
  8. Dick Drumm
  9. Murray Forth
  10. Jim Leyhane
  11. Ray Hannan
  12. Dennie Rodriguez
  13. Shannon Romanowski
  14. Allison Reinhardt (guest speaker)
  1. Ron Annis
  2. A.J. Amato
  3. Geoff Brewer
  4. Len Leonidas
  5. Carole Spencer
  1. Dean Calamaras
  2. Doris Calamaras
  3. Charlie Foote
  4. Rob Mangold
  5. Jim Mendrysa
  6. Roberto Martinez
  7. Carol Orvis
  8. Rommel Tolentino 
Thank you. We hope to see a strong turnout this week.
— Bill Dowd


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