Saturday golf cancelled, but one more event to go

2015 Spring Golf flyer

The second in a series of three indoor simulator golf events at Burden Lake Country Club, scheduled for this Saturday, has been cancelled.

However, we still have one more such event on the calendar — the “Spring Simulator Golf Tournament,” on Saturday, March 7, also at Burden Lake.

So, please be sure to begin publicizing that event by sharing this event flyer everywhere possible. These golf fundraisers are critical to supporting our many community service activities and grants, and we need much more member involvement and support in all phases.

How can you help? It’s simple.

• You can print out the flyers and get them posted around the community — in offices, supermarkets, social venues, etc.

• You can share an electronic version of the flyers by posting it on your Facebook page and — here’s the trick — asking all of your Facebook “friends” to also share the flyer with their “friends” and ask them to share them as well. That has the potential to create a geometrically growing wave of publicity.

• Ask for hard copies of the flyers beginning next week. We’ll make them available to you if you have a place to post them.


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