Our 2014-15 ‘Pocket Change for …’ beneficiary

Screen shot 2014-09-19 at 3.10.31 PMBy BILL DOWD

According to the organizations that keep track of such things, milk is one of the essential foods, especially for children, that seldom is donated to food pantries across the nation.

The reasons are many — storage problems chief among them — but the need remains as this brief video explains.

Thus, our “Pocket Change for … ” beneficiary in the 2014-15 Rotary Year will be The Great American Milk Drive. I have personally donated the first $100 to get the drive started.

Last year, my predecessor instituted the president’s choice “Pocket Change for …” program to benefit a different effort each year. The inaugural recipient was the Wildwood School’s autism program. I hope our president-elect, Terry Brewer, will enjoy making his president’s choice next year.

In addition to the video, if you go to The Great American Milk Drive’s website you’ll find further details on the program, including how to track donations, a continually-updated counter of how many gallons of milk have been donated nationwide, and a variety of videos and other pieces of information.

For example, as of today just 4,787 milk gallons have been donated to food banks in New York of the national total of 116,016 gallons donated. Imagine how much we can increase that helping hand with a concentrated effort through the beginning of June 2015.

As always, I thank our club members for their ongoing generosity and effort to improve the lot of people throughout the world.


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