Trio of simulator golf tournaments set for this winter

Robot GolferFollowing the success of last winter’s initial “Simulator Spring Fling” virtual golf tournament, we are expanding the fundraising project to three events this time around.

We have contracted with the Burden Lake Country Club for December 13, January 31 and March 7 dates, each of which will have separate themes and promotion. Thanks to Murray Forth and Terry Brewer for putting this undertaking together once again, and Bill Dowd again will be designing the promotion flyers.

For those unfamiliar with the effort, Burden Lake has a trio of golf simulators that allow golfers the chance to shake off cabin fever and compete for prizes. The simulators provide different courses and have the advantage of no lost balls, mosquitoes and other annoyances.

Proceeds from the events will go to the club treasury as well as to Gift of Life and Ronald McDonald House.

In addition to asking all members to help publicize the trio of events, we will be asking for volunteers to help staff them so all the effort does not fall to two or three people.


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