The ‘Pocket Change’ jar is back

Pocket Change Jar

Today, September 25, marks the return of the “Pocket Change for …” jar, that ever-looming vessel into which we empty our pocket change (and paper money, too, if you so desire) at each SRC meeting.

As we did when April Dowd created the fundraiser for the 2013-14 Rotary Year, we’ll keep the collecting going through the first week in June.

Last June, we donated $600 to the autism programs at the Wildwood School. This year we’ll be making a donation to “The Great American Milk Drive” which supplements food banks’ supplies around the country with the purchase and donation of a commodity most such banks do not have in great supply — fresh milk. As noted in an earlier posting, you can get full details on the program and its reach. (If you missed it, you can see it by clicking here.)

President Bill Dowd is jump-starting this year’s “Pocket Change” drive with a $100 donation. You can help by walking into a meeting with your pockets jingling, then walk out in silence.


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