What you can get out of RLI training

RLI logoThe Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a grassroots multi-district development program using facilitators primarily from other districts to engage Rotarians in small groups and strengthen clubs.

In addition to learning more about Rotary, and getting tips that can be applied in other activities such as your line of work, you will be able to meet Rotarians from other clubs you may not otherwise meet. A great way to network.

RLI consists of four parts, with each part covered in a single day of classes. You need to take them in order: i.e., completion of Level I is necessary to take Level II, and so on.

Level I: My Rotary World
Engaging Members
Service Projects
Rotary Foundation

Level II: Team Building
Attracting Members
Club Communication

Level III: Rotary Opportunities
Making a Difference
International Service

Graduate Level:
Ethics in Rotary — Application of ethical standards using case studies.
Council on Legislation — How to submit a proposal for consideration.

Because we need to know how many people wish to participate, the club-level deadline is Thursday, September 18. That will give us sufficient time to register you and submit payment since the club picks up the tab for tuition that covers materials, instructors and food.


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