Middleburgh club key to more Irene recovery

Volunteers rebuilding pavilion.
Volunteers rebuilding pavilion.

From the District 7190 Toolbox newletter

When Middleburgh and surrounding areas were ravaged by Hurricane Irene, a pavilion in the Community Park, built by local Rotarians in 1985, was destroyed. As time passed, and the major work of rebuilding the community was finished or under way, Rotary joined with the Knights of Columbus to reconstruct it.

Now finished, the new facility has been placed further away from the river and has a concrete floor and corner posts set in three to four feet of concrete. It is handicapped accessible, and there are picnic tables, charcoal grills, and ample parking.

All labor was supplied by volunteers. In addition to Rotary and the K of C, material costs were provided by the Rotary Club, local banks, businesses, a District Simplified Grant from Rotary International District 7190 and individuals.

The park/pavilion is located on a passage point along the Long Path (a hiking trail running from New York City to the Adirondacks). More improvements to the site are planned by the Town and Village of Middleburgh, to make it a tribute to local Revolutionary War hero Tim Murphy. It will continue as a venue for rest and relaxation as well as a destination for group outings and events such as the canoe races planned for the spring which will involve members of Rotary, Interact, K of C, local rod-and-gun clubs, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and others.


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