A Circles of Mercy project update

Screen shot 2014-03-15 at 4.39.18 PMRotarians:

Len Leonidas, who is coordinating our helping hand effort for Circles of Mercy’s “Cate’s Kids Easter Baskets,” needs your help, too.

He would like all donations to be turned in to him no later than our Thursday, March 27, meeting. After that, he and his Tiger Cubs will assemble the gift baskets and transport them to Circles of Mercy in Rensselaer.

To avoid having too much of one thing and not enough of another, Len has asked that we use a signup list that will let him know what item(s) each of us is bringing.

The items needed, as outlined earlier on our website and in e-mails:

• woven baskets (number to be determined; recycled baskets are OK)
• plastic “grass” to line the baskets
• shrink-wrap cellophane to cover the baskets

Our club treasury is sufficiently stocked to reimburse Len for purchasing those items. However, we are asking members to fill the baskets by contributing some of the following items suggested by Circles:

• traditional holiday candies
• coloring books
• crayons
• color pencils
• facial tissues
• toothpaste
• toothbrushes
• dental floss
• hair combs and brushes
• age-appropriate (1 to 12 yrs. old) small stuffed animals
• toys
• children’s books

For starters, Len, Bill and I will be contributing both holiday candies and children’s books. Everyone else is asked to e-mail Len at lenleonidas@hotmail.com with what they plan to contribute. That will allow him to keep a running list of donations.

Screen shot 2014-03-15 at 4.40.49 PMA REMINDER: Just as we collected books for Unity House in the 1st quarter of this Rotary Year and food for three pantries in the 2nd quarter, Circles of Mercy is our 3rd quarter goal. You all have received information on the needs for clothing, linens, supplies, etc., at Circles. Some of us already have made significant donations. It would be appreciated if others are able to drop off some sort of donation at the thrift shop, at 11 Washington Street in Rensselaer, just off Columbia Turnpike (Look for the Catherine’s Closet sign).

Thank you all for your generous support.

— April


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