2/27/14 minutes: Coronary disease and treatments

Picture 3Meeting at Quigley’s Restaurant
593 Columbia Turnpike
East Greenbush

Attending (14): April Dowd, Bill Dowd, Murray Forth, Pat Bailey, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Jim Leyhane, Terry Brewer, Debbie Rodriguez, Dick Drumm, Dean Calamaras, Doris Calamaras, Charlie Foote, Carole Spencer. (One reservation no-show.)

Guests (4): Ed and MaryAnn Hannan, Don and Janet Harris.

Program: Coronary Artery Disease and Its Treatments

Edward L. Hannon of the School of Public Health.
Edward L. Hannan, UAlbany School of Public Health.

Carole Spencer introduced speaker Edward L. Hannan, emeritus distinguished professor at the University at Albany School of Public Health.

Ed, who has written numerous in-depth studies in a variety of health care fields, discussed his findings in the field of cardiac care.

He provided an illustrated PowerPoint overview including such items as symptoms and treatments of cardiac events, medical therapy, bypass surgery, and angioplasty. His talk centered on selecting what treatment is best for patients, and the fact that each case has its own needs.

He shared records of the success rate of patient care. In the Capital Region, the analysis included the records of doctors who had as many as 300+ cases or as few as five.

Not all hospitals do angioplastys, but EMTs are trained to determine what type of heart attack they are seeing and which hospital to go to. Reading an EKG chart usually is the best determinant of whether a patient should be taken care of a facility that does angioplasty.

Ed answered numerous questions about the study and some of the decisions being made as a result. He displayed a final report on the study results, including a chart showing the doctors’ rates; while not user friendly, it shows improvement has been made.

Summary: Studies assume patients are receiving optimal medical treatment. The ongoing study in New York State shows the opposite in actual practice.


• President April said she spoke with Chris Maier, president of the Lansingburgh club, who had requested information on how we handle our Bowl Over Polio program. They are contemplating a similar event and needed guidance. She also said the two presidents briefly discussed trying some mutual projects.

• President-elect Bill Dowd and Treasurer Murray Forth will attend the District 7190 Grants Training this Saturday in Clifton Park. Having two people certified is required to be eligible for grants in the next Rotary Year.

• Bill said he is looking for two things necessary before the start of the next Rotary Year: (1.) a copy of our club bylaws to be reviewed, amended if necessary, and distributed to all members; (2.) he also is looking for someone to fill the president-elect (or vice president) role for 2014-15.

• Jim Leyhane reminded us of our 3rd annual CPR Certification Course, scheduled for 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday, March 15, at Maple Hill High School. Advertising will begin soon, and all club members are urged to participate.

• A board meeting followed the regular club meeting, at which the proposed 2014-15 budget for District 7190 was reviewed; our own club’s 4½-year contribution record; and, we made the decision to have a detailed quarterly financial report.

NEXT MEETING: 6:15 p.m. Thursday, March 6, at Quigley’s restaurant. The after-dinner speaker will be a representative of the Circle of Hope organization.


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