History, history and more history on menu

Chicken Parm, coming up!
Chicken Parm, coming up!

Parmesan cheese has been a staple of the Italian peninsula and nearby regions of France at least since the Middle Ages.

We mention that because Rotary has a long tradition, so we Rotarians tend to like things with some history of their own. That includes what we eat, so this week’s Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club dinner meeting will be featuring Quigley’s popular Chicken Parmesan.

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 2.02.32 PMAnd, continuing with the history theme, our after-dinner speaker will be Diane L. Hutchinson, historian for the Town of Schodack, with a special presentation. This will be a perfect opportunity to bring along a guest or two, be they friends, family, colleagues and/or prospective Rotarians.

As always, we need your reservations NO LATER than Tuesday evening. Please, Tuesday evening! The headcount gets submitted to Quigley’s on Wednesday morning, and it is difficult to change the number after that.

BONUS GOODIE: There’s a quick and fun game called “The Truth Behind Parmesan” you can play online. Just go here, to the same site that will give you the history of Parmesan cheese.


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