CANS-IN-A-BOX drive begins this Thursday

Picture 14Rotarians:

Don’t forget, our 2nd Quarter short-term project is the resumption of an old favorite: CANS-IN-A-BOX.

It begins this Thursday, October 3, at our dinner meeting, and will run through Thursday, December 12.

Each week, we hope to see you bring along an item or two of non-perishable foods such as canned soups, chili, vegetables, fruits, tuna, salmon, sauces, gravies, pasta dishes, baby foods … whatever you can think of.

We also will accept dried or powdered foods such as pastas, instant potatoes, microwaveable rice, soup mixes, easy-bake dishes, dried fruits, puddings, nuts, trail mixes, granola bars, cereals, cake mixes, bread mixes …

But please, NOTHING in glass containers.

In early December, we will designate which food pantries we will help out. The decision, obviously, will depend on how much is contributed.

As always, thank you for your generosity.

Your SRC Board of Directors


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