Our RYLA students begin the program

Picture 9Five Maple Hill High School students began this year’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program this morning.

The students, selected by the school — but with tuition paid in full by the Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club — are:

  • Peter Aitken
  • Lexie Keenan
  • Max Jenkins
  • Eleanor Haase
  • Jacob Long

Student coordinator Mark Hoyt, who recently rejoined SRC, notes, “Each student has made a verbal committment to attend each session.”

Ron Agostononi, principal at Maple Hill, enthuses, “It is fantastic the Rotary Club is funding the RYLA students again, including an additional student. Mr. Hoyt and I have both spoken with the students and I have the sense they are extremely excited for the opportunity.

“We had them meet with students that participated in RYLA last year. They spoke very highly of the program and further piqued the interest of this current group. Many thanks to Rotary for creating opportunities for our students!”

If you are comparatively new to Rotary and are not familiar with the RYLA program, simply go here for details.


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