RI issues Rotary-targeted scam alert

Picture 1Rotary International News Service

Several Rotarians have recently reported receiving fraudulent e-mails, including one with the subject line “Proposed Rotary Visit.” It fraudulently claims to be from a Rotary club president in Nigeria asking for information to help coordinate exchanges or to partner on projects.

Also be aware of Facebook pages or other websites using the Rotary logo without permission in order to solicit money and imply a relationship with Rotary.

Other recent scams include:

• Fraudulent e-mails with the subject line “Rotary Membership Update” that purports to be from Rotary International asking them to update their membership status for the 2013 year by clicking on the link supplied in the e-mail. Please be aware that this is a “phishing” scam. “Phishing” is the criminally fraudulent act of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as user names, passwords, or credit card information by masquerading as a trusty source.

• Several Rotarians have reported receiving a fraudulent e-mail which reports to be from an Australian Rotarian stuck in London, England. The e-mail claims the individual was robbed at gunpoint while on holiday and that she needs money to get home. Other Rotarians have reported receiving a similar e-mail sent out in the name of a senior Rotary leader, a trustee of The Rotary Foundation, seeking money. The e-mail claims that the individual is stuck at an airport with lost luggage and needs the cash to get home. Both e-mails are scams.

• An e-mail scam with the subject line “Award Winning Notification Final” has targeted Rotarians claiming that they are one of 21 winners of a promotional program.

• An e-mail scam targeting Rotarians and Rotaractors claims the recipient has won hundreds of thousands of euros through an international promotional program conducted by the “Euro-Millones Lottery.”

• An e-mail scam with the subject line “Dear Award Beneficiary!!!” has targeted Rotarians claiming the recipient has won US$500,000 and two HP laptops from RI.

RI encourages Rotarians and Rotary clubs to avoid becoming victims of such scams by deleting any email that appears suspicious.


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