Reservations reply needed for June 20 meeting

Picture 3Fellow Rotarians:

We’re back at Quigley’s Restaurant this week, and the chef will be serving us salmon with oven roasted potatoes, a green salad, bread, beverages and dessert.

This will be the final meeting at Quigley’s until September. Next week, June 27, we’ll be meeting at Peter and Debbie Brown’s residence for the Presidential Changeover, the annual passing of the gavel to the incoming president.

Both Peter, the outgoing prez, and April Dowd, the incoming victim, would appreciate your attendance at that event and, as always, feel free to bring a guest or two.

Meanwhile, here’s the headcount situation for this Thursday:


  1. Pat Bailey
  2. Geoff Brewer
  3. Terry Brewer
  4. Dean Calamaras
  5. Doris Calamaras
  6. Patrick Ciraulo
  7. April Dowd
  8. Bill Dowd
  9. Dick Drumm
  10. Murray Forth
  11. Jim Leyhane
  12. Carol Orvis
  13. Debbie Rodriguez
  14. Carole Spencer
  15. Rommel Tolentino
  16. Stewart Wagner


  1. Debbie Brown
  2. Peter Brown
  3. Russ Edberg
  4. Rob Mangold


  1. A.J. Amato
  2. Jason Brown
  3. Charlie Foote
  4. Julius Frankel
  5. Len Leonidas
  6. Jim Mendrysa


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