Meeting of March 21, 2013

Picture 3Attending (12): Peter Brown, Murray Forth, Pat Bailey, Debbie Brown, Jim Leyhane, Dick Drumm, Stewart Wagner, Terry Brewer, Carole Spencer, Len Leonidas, Darko Sedlar, A.J. Amato.

Guests (2): Amanda Tytz, Kayden Leonidas.


• The Club welcomed new member A.J. Amato.

• The next two “Rotary Home Cooking” events:

— April 6 at Peter and Debbie Brown’s residence. They will be serving food with a French flair, and can accommodate 6 to 8 guests. Contact Debbie if you’re interested in reserving a seat.

— May 4 at the Rodriguez residence for a Cinco de Mayo dinner. Co-hosts Debbie and Pat Bailey can accommodate 6 to 8 guests. Contact either of them for reservations.

• We received a thank you for our support of the “Rachel’s Challenge” event, along with an invitation for April 10 event.

• The club netted $800 from our second CPR Certification training event. Many thanks to Top Form and Community Care.

• Rotary International’s annual convention is being held in Lisbon, Portugal this year and we are able to send one delegate. Contact Peter Brown if you are going.

• Exchange student Amanda Tytz presented us with a banner and the flag of her native Finland. She is returning home next week.

• Terry Brewer reported on our investigation of moving our meeting site to Quigley’s Restaurant on Columbia Turnpike. The facility has a back room as well as another space that might work for our weekly meetings.They can offer a meal cooked there, or, if Jim Mendrysa is able we could continue to have him cater. No charge for the room if we buy their food and the bar is open.

• Darko Sedlar was visiting the area during spring break. He is the IT director at Virginia Episcopal School, a small private facility near Lynchburg, VA, He said the school has about 200 students in grades 9–12, about 25% local with the rest international students. Darko lives on campus and has some responsibility on weekends and during the week as a dorm “parent.” The school is building new facilities, including an arts center and a gym. He also is coaching cirls basketball and teaching a video class as well.

NEXT MEETING: 6:15 p.m. Thursday, March 28. Program: “How to Prevent and Avoid Medical Errors.”


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