Meeting of March 7, 2013

Picture 3Attending (11): Murray Forth, Pat Bailey, Patrick Ciraulo, Russ Edberg, Jim Leyhane, Stewart Wagner, Dick Drumm, Charlie Foote, Debbie Rodriguez, Carol Orvis, Carole Spencer.

Guests (2):
Kathryn T. Sheehan, Rensselaer County Historian; Bill Wilde, former member.


• Murray passed around the flyer for CPR Certification training. Jim Leyhane encouraged everyone to be aware of the low price. Help will be needed on the day of the event — Saturday, March 16 — at Maple Hill High School.

• A buffet dinner for RYLA celebration will be held Saturday, March 23. Contact Murray if you are interested in attending.

Program: Kathy Sheehan, Rensselaer County Historian

Picture 3Kathy began by explaining about the current exhibit at the Rensselaer County Historical Association (right) of the late actress Maureen Stapleton, a native of Troy. It includes her some of her many awards — an Oscar, an Emmy, etc. — and facts about her life. It runs through July 27 at RCHA’s Hart-Cluett House facility, 57 2nd Street in Troy.

Among other things the RCHA offers are tours of Troy that begin at the Farmer’s Market and “Uncle Sam, The Man in Life and Legend.” A bus trip to Syracuse is coming up.

Using photos of many people and places, Kathy began her presentation on Julie Dickenson, the Troy woman who was the daughter of Fred Dickenson who served in Congress in the early 1800s. She married Benjamin Tallow and lived some of her married life in Washington, D.C., in the company of well know people.

Kathy has spent much time researching Julie in the Library of Congress and through other sources. The museum has her jewelry on display as well as her diaries and some letters. Julia appears to have been friends with many politicians of the day. Her parties often included members of the president’s cabinet, military leaders and the President himself. She seemed to be effective at putting people together. In her research, Kathy also discovered letters from Julia to Dolley Madison and other well-known Washington people. She died fairly young and her husband remarried.

NEXT MEETING: 6:15 p.m. Thursday, March 14. Program: Steven Erby speaking on “Solar Energy Viability.”


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