Pakistani polio virus found in Egypt

Egypt has been declared free from indigenous polio since 2004. However, The New York Times today reported that the virus now has been found in the sewers of Cairo, and it appears to have come from Pakistan.

A vaccination drive is being planned for February 25, and health workers are canvassing the neighborhoods where the sewage samples were taken, looking for children or adults who may have recently been paralyzed, said Sona Bari, a spokeswoman for the World Health Organization.

Pakistan, where numerous health care workers and volunteer aides have been murdered in recent months by Taliban terrorists who do not want them distributing polio vaccine, has said it will post teams at its international airports who will vaccinate all outward-bound passengers under the age of 5.

Pakistan is one of the last three countries in the world, with Afghanistan and Nigeria, with reports of indigenous polio.


One thought on “Pakistani polio virus found in Egypt

  1. After hundreds of millions of dollars and decades of work it is tragic to see the disease begin to rebound thanks to political problems.

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