We’re moving (again) to start the new year

Picture 1Our unceremonious departure from the Holiday Inn Express landed us in a new meeting venue as of November 1, but it was hardly a satisfactory solution.

While we avoided the immediate 250% room rental increase the Holiday Inn wanted, with a mere eight days’ notice, we have found the Comfort Inn space too open, with extremely poor acoustics, hotel guests tromping through our space during meetings, lobby chit-chat often drowning out our speakers, and a rental fee slightly higher than we originally paid at the Holiday Inn. An unsatisfactory two months amid some genteel complaints from members.

We think we’ve now solved the problem, just in time for the new year, although we had to act quickly to secure the space.

A quick poll of the available board members — always tricky during holiday periods — allowed us to acquire a promising new space, initially negotiated by Treasurer Murray Forth.

As of Thursday, January 3, 2013, we will begin meeting at the Spare Time Family Fun Center, 570 Columbia Turnpike, in East Greenbush.

That is the same friendly venue that hosts our annual “Bowl Over Polio” fundraiser (scheduled for Sunday, January 27, this time). And, we’ll be charged only a nominal fee of $20 per session.

The new meeting place, which boasts a bar, gives us a true meeting room compared to the open space of the Comfort Inn, which has been at best a stop-gap solution. It also provides easy access for our caterer, a full bar, and good parking.

Did we mention it also has a bar? Perfect for members and their guests who might enjoy a pre- or post-meeting libation. Spread the word that we will begin meeting there on Thursday, January 3, 2013. And, feel free to bring prospective members to get the new year off to a strong start.


Go here for the Events Calendar.


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