What YOU can do for the final toy push


Fellow Rotarians:

Are we asking too much by encouraging our SRC Rotary Club members to make one final push before the Dec. 13 deadline to ask friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to contribute to our “Toys for Staten Island Kids” drive?

We don’t think so.

A good example of the possibilities can be found in our Troy cul de sac community of just 34 residences. Simply because we asked for help to go along with what we personally were donating, this one little group (plus the Mechanicville granddaughters of one couple) of caring people has donated more than 24% of our entire stockpile so far. (The toys shown above came in on Saturday afternoon alone.)

Think what we could accomplish if each Rotarian did as well “working the crowd.”

We have 27 paid members of our club. If each of us got others to donate just three toys each — a ball, a book, a doll, a puzzle, a board game, etc. — beyond what they already have rounded up or personally donated, we could quickly come up with hundreds more toys in time to meet our shipping deadline.

Give it a try, won’t you? You can bring extra donations to our Thursday meeting, the deadline for accepting contributions.

Thank you,
April & Bill

Go here for the Events Calendar.


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