Meeting details and menu for Dec. 6, 2012

Picture 17This Thursday’s meeting will have a twofold purpose (threefold if you count our usual fellowship): Bringing donated items for our Staten Island Toy Drive, and enjoying a storytelling program arranged by Debbie Brown.

On this Monday, we already have 17 people with dinner reservations. As always, if you plan to attend but haven’t yet signed up, please do so NO LATER than Tuesday evening with April; if you are signed up but have to change plans, please also let her know. Those with reservations:

Pat Bailey, Debbie Brown (plus two guests), Dean Calamaras, April Dowd (and guest), Bill Dowd, Dick Drumm, Russ Edberg, Murray Forth, Len Leonidas, Jim Leyhane, Rob Mangold, Debbie Rodriguez, Rommel Tolentino, Stewart Wagner.

The menu:

Caesar salad
Chicken Marsala
Seasoned mashed potatoes
Corn with roasted red peppers
Chunky chocolate mousse

Go here for the Events Calendar.


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