Meeting of October 18, 2012

Attendance (15): Peter Brown, Murray Forth, Debbie Brown, Debbie Rodriguez, Russ Edberg, Pat Bailey, Bill Dowd, Dick Drumm, Doris Calamaras, Dean Calamaras, Terry Brewer, Julius Frankel, Carole Orvis, Stewart Wagner, Carol Spencer.

Guests (2):
Bill Wyld, Fred Carvin.


• Rotary Leadership Institute training is set for this Saturday at Siena College. The Level 1 training has been cancelled, but Levels 2 and 3 will be held as planned.

• Bill and April Dowd toured the Little Brook Farm equine rescue facility in Old Chatham and presented a $2,500 grant from the club. (See our website for excellent photos.)

• The next “Rotary Home Cooking” event will be held Saturday, October 27, at Doris and Dean Calamaras’s home. Sign up with Doris. Eight seats are available.

Program: Paul Harris Biography


Past District Governor Fred Carvin spoke about his new biography of Paul Harris, his life and many adventures.

Harris was the founder of Rotary in Chicago, IL, in 1904 (officially 1905). Fred spoke about his visit to Wallingford, VT, Harris’s boyhood home, as part of his four-year-long research project. He found a number of inconsistencies between the official records and the reality of Harris.

Fred read from his book and welcomed questions, such as where the name Rotary originated, and told a story about one of  Harris’s adventures involving his love life. And he spoke about the early years of Rotary and how it evolved into Rotary International. Paul Harris and his friends in the first Rotary club enjoyed pranks and playing tricks on other Rotarians as a looser organization than it eventually became.

Fred’s book is available online at for $25.

NEXT MEETING: 6:15 p.m. Thursday, October 25, Holiday Inn Express. Deb Rodriguez will present speaker Sue Jones of the Rensselaer County Health Department’s Medical Reserve Corps.

Go here for the Events Calendar.


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