SRC Board meeting of September 17, 2012

Attending: President Peter Brown, Secretary Pat Bailey, Treasurer Murray Forth, President-elect April Dowd, Webmaster Bill Dowd, Debbie Brown.

• President Peter presented the agenda, which was approved.

• Murray reported the club has a financial balance between $18,000 and $19,000. Dues have not been received for 2012-13 from 16 members. He is sending out invoices to those people.

• CPR training was added to the list of ongoing programs held over from last year.  We will not renew the water buffalo project funding.

• Bill Dowd suggested finding a way to make our annual Rotary Run stand out in an ever-growing field of 5K runs held throughout the Capital Region. Peter suggested offering a trophy for the school with the most runners entered.  Discussion was held about additional ads in school papers and getting the word out via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

• Bill suggested that every undertaking we sponsor be required to reciprocate support by presenting at least one program each year. He noted that, for example, we get no feedback from our Boy Scout support and rarely if ever get a final accounting of Eagle Scout projects we support.

• Discussion of our scholarship program centered on the minimal amounts we have been giving, and the board decided to consolidate the awards into fewer but financially more meaningful amounts. The middle school monetary awards will be eliminated, and we will present one $500 scholarship to a graduating senior at both Maple Hill and Columbia high schools at the end of the present school year. We will continue awarding the Jim Barrier Award to a Columbia athlete.

• Discussion of the efficacy of student-of-the-month programs was held. Mention was made of participating in the October 5 “flash mob” being planned at the Empire State Plaza by District 7190 to raise awareness of Rotary. Details and registration links are on our website. Peter discussed having someone attend the “Spirit of Peace” event. Details of that also are on the website.

• Peter asked what we want to accomplish for the coming year. Bill suggested increasing our public image via regular press releases, social media use and the like. He volunteered to head up such an effort in addition to continue handling our website, Facebook and Twitter outreaches. We also need to improve our members’ use of social media. To that end, Bill will create an instructional program to explain the use of Facebook and Twitter and review our website workings, setting up and using social accounts. Members will be asked to bring their laptops to such a program so Bill can walk them through the steps.

• It was suggested that we have an information table about Rotary at every major event we run, such as CPR, Rotary Run and Bowl Over Polio. Discussion about who would be a good chairman resulted in Bill’s suggestion that Rob Mangold would be a good candidate to explain Rotary to visitors at such events. Peter will contact him to discuss it.

• Because Peter and Debbie will be out of town at the time of our annual holiday party, Murray volunteered to host it at his residence.

• The next board meeting will be held after a regular Thursday meeting, with a date to be set.

Go here for the Events Calendar.


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