A message from Jasmine

Jasmine Bromberg, who just finished a year here as an exchange student under auspices of the Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club, is back home in Denmark. She posted this message on the club’s Facebook page. If you’d like to respond to her, just go to our Facebook page and post a comment. Or, if you want to send a private note, her e-mail address is at the bottom of her message.

Hey everybody!! Thanks for being an amazing rotary club! I miss you guys and the meetings 🙂 I hope i some day will sit in one of those meetings with you guys again! I hope the new exchange student will be as happy for you guys as i was and still am! 😀 I hope we can stay in contact with for as long as possible. I hope you guys had a great summer. I enjoyed my summer with my friends and family back in Denmark. I went to a big music festival short time after i arived home, I went to sweeden with my family to our summer house, and my friends visited me there, so we went camping alone at a big lake (it was a lot of fun). I started school about 2 weeks ago. I love my new school, everyone are so nice and helpfull with everything. We have 2 exchange students at my school right now, but i only know one of them, he is from Brazil and he is going to live with my family and I for eastern. I´m very excited to have an exchange student staying with me, then I can see how it is to have someone strange live with you. If you have any questions, just e-mail me : jasmin62@live.dk , and i would love to answer you! I talk to you guys soon!

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