Meeting of June 21, 2012

Attendance (14): Jim Leyhane, Murray Forth, Peter Brown, Bill Dowd, April Dowd, Pat Bailey, Russ Edberg, Dick Drumm, Rob Mangold, Charlie Foote, Dean Calamaras, Debbie Rodriguez, Rommel Tolentino, Julius Frankel.

Guests (4): Ethan Brown, Cameron Brown, Andrew Hindall, Dan Foote.


• President Jim reminded us that the meeting next week will be at his residence for Presidential Changeover Night. If you are not on the reservation list, please contact Jim ASAP and indicate whether you are bringing an appetizer or a dessert.

• The club’s full summer schedule is on our website.

• Please contact Terry Brewer if you plan to attend the ValleyCats baseball game — admission will include a team baseball cap and a barbecue meal — on August 2. He needs a definite headcount ASAP.

• The Gift of Life clothing collection box project is under way. Contributions may be made in the box located in the Community Care parking lot in Schodack. If you can establish contact with any other businesses that are interested in hosting the boxes, please contact Jim.

Program: A Family Tour of Spain

From left: Cam Brown, Ethan Brown, Andrew Hindall.

Peter Brown introduced grandson Cameron Brown who, with the assistance of brother Ethan Brown, spoke about his 2011 trip to Spain. He and his family and another family visited Madrid, Calpe and several other locations, visiting along the way with a Spanish family, the father of which has kept in touch with the Brown family since a Rotary exchange student experience here.

Cam showed photos he took of many sites. He spoke about the history of Calpe and expressed his pleasure at visiting the Real Madrid team’s professional soccer stadium. Cam also spoke about restaurant they enjoyed, including one in which he was able to be in the kitchen. He also had shots of the villa the families rented, overlooking the sea.

NEXT MEETING: The Presidential Changeover Night will take place at 6:15 p.m. at the Leyhane residence.

Go here for the Events Calendar.


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