Meeting of June 14, 2012

Attendance (20): Jim Leyhane, Murray Forth, Terry Brewer, Geoff Brewer, Dan Annis, Ron Annis, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Pat Bailey, Russ Edberg, Dick Drumm, Doris Calamaras, Dean Calamaras, Charlie Foote, Phil Egan, Debbie Rodriguez, Carol Orvis, Mark Hoyt, Rommel Tolentino, Roberto Martinez.

Guests (2): Jasmine Bromberg, exchange student; A. Rob Chowdhury, visiting Rotarian.

Announcements/Business (Club assembly, no program):

• A. Rob Chowdhury was a dinner guest who recently relocated to East Greenbush. He is from Bangladesh and has been a Rotarian for a number of years. He spoke briefly on his Rotary experiences.

• President Jim Leyhane said he is offering to host a defensive driving course on Saturday, July 14. The class limit is 30, with about 15 persons already signed up. Copntact Jim ASAP if you are interested. Such courses help reduce auto insurance premiums.

• Jim discussed our summer meeting schedule, which includes informal meas at members’ homes as well as such group events as a ValleyCats game at Bruno Stadium and a performance of “State Fair” at the Mac Hadyn Theater. The full schedule is on the website’s EVENTS CALENDAR.

• President-elect Peter Brown spoke about his expectations for next year and asked for ideas from the group. He also spoke about a collaborative effort with another club for next year, maybe the Tri Village club of Columbia County.

• Mark Hoyt talked about plans for a Rotary night next fall with the students, possibly a bowling event. He also announced that we will have an exchange student from Finland for the next academic year.

• Terry Brewer bought up having CPR training next year as a followup to our inaugural event. That remains a possibiity.

• The entire Annis family will be living in Sweden for the next few years while Dan attends university there. Ron said he plans to be back in the area from time to time as he continues to operate his business here. He hopes to continue as a member of our club.

• Debbie Brown commented on the planning of meetings and especially hearing about member’s personal experiences.

• Debbie Rodriguez said she hopes to work on emergency relief efforts and she and April Dowd still want to plan something.

• Doris Calamaras inquired about holding a fundraising event for the Gift of Life. That will be discussed at a later date.

Presidential changeover, 6:15 p.m. Thursday, Holiday Inn Express. That will be the final meeting there until September. The first of the informal summer meetings will be held the following Thursday at the Leyhane residence. Please contact Jim about bringing an appetizer or dessert.

Go here for the Events Calendar.


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