Meeting of April 12, 2012

Attendance (14):  Jim Leyhane, Murray Forth, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Russ Edberg, Pat Bailey, Ron Annis, Dan Annis, Dick Drumm, Rommel Tolentino, Debbie Rodriguez, Len Leonidas, Doris Calamaras, Phil Egan.

Guests (2): Roberto and Jonah L.


• The next “Rotary Home Cooking” dinner, set for April 14 at the Dowd residence, has all seats filled.

• Plans are proceeding under Peter Brown for the May 20 Rotary Run. Help is needed for various tasks.

• Two summer club picnic hosting dates remain open — August 16, 30. If you can host, please contact President Jim ASAP.

• The Gift of Life has had a dispute with the District Governor-Elect. Jim has offered his office and assistance of our club (food, etc.) to help resolve the problem.

Program: Hail to the (Handker)chiefs: The Presidents’ Maladies

Dr. Rommel Tolentino presented a program detailing the many and various illnesses suffered by American presidents, many of which were hidden from the public. In addition, assassain’s bullets struck down some of them. Some examples:

George Washington –- Suffered from a large growth and also nearly died from pneumonia.

Andrew Jackson –- Carried bullets in his body, as well as other complaints. He died of heart failure.

William H. Harrison (shown above) — Contracted a cold that developed into pneumonia and died shortly thereafter; he had served just 30 days in office. He was the first president to die in office.

Zachary Taylor –- Received a stomach ache treatment that today is considered a poison. He later died of cholera.

Abraham Lincoln –- Had smallpox and recurring bouts of depression. Died by assassin’s gunshot.

James Garfield –- Shot in Washington, DC, four months into his term. Died 11 weeks later.

Grover Cleveland — Had a growth removed from his mouth and part of his jaw. Also received a prosthesis in his mouth and most never knew about it.

William McKinley — Was shot in the Buffalo train station and died the next day.

Woodrow Wilson –- Suffered a stroke that left him blind in one eye and partially paralyzed, but survived for three years while his wife and aides were running the country.

Franklin Roosevelt — His health began to decline toward the end of WWII. He was diagnosed with several problems and died 1945, possibly of an aneurysm.

Dwight Eisenhower –- Had several heart attacks and in 1957 suffered a stroke, He eventually died of a heart attack.

John F. Kennedy –- Suffered from back problems and Addison’s disease. Assassinated in Dallas in 1963.

NEXT MEETING: Club assembly at 6:15 p.m. Thursday, April 19, at the Holiday Inn Express.

Go here for the Events Calendar.


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