Meeting of February 23, 2012

Attendance (17): Jim Leyhane, Murray Forth, Russ Edberg, Terry Brewer, Pat Bailey, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Ron Annis, Bill Dowd, Charlie Foote, Carol Spencer, Bill Kneissl, Rommel Tolentino, Dick Drumm, Phil Egan, Jim Davis, Jim Mendrysa.

Guests (15): Betty Brewer, Barbara Foote, Maggie Forth, Diane Leyhane, Anne Egan, Mary Dunn and nine other members of the Kinderhook Tri-Village Rotary Cub.


• President Jim Leyhane welcomed a contingent from the Kinderhook Tri-Village Rotary Club. He also mentioned that we will be holding alternate-site Christmas dinners with that club beginning this year. Their attendance certainly padded our usual attendance size, as can be seen in the photo above.

• For our “Rotary Home Cooking” series, the reservation list is full for this Saturday’s chicken and dressing dinner at the Forth residence; some seats are available for the March 24 corned beef and cabbage dinner at the Forths’; the list is full for the April 14 whiskies and small plates tasting at the Dowd residence.

• American Red Cross-certified CPR training, sponsored by Top Form and Community Care Physicians, is scheduled for Saturday, March 24th, at Maple Hill High School. The cost is $15 for the course, and an extra $5 if a participants wants a Red Cross certification card. Contact Ron Annis for reservations.

Awards & Honors:

President Jim presented a host of awards to various club members. Tops among them were Paul Harris Fellowship awards to secretary Pat Bailey, Charlie and Barbara Foote, and Mark Hoyt (not present).








Other awards:

Longest tenured member, 41 years, Russ Edberg

Excellence award, Jim Mendrysa

Outstanding participation, Phil Egan

Excellence in fundraising, Ron Annis

(also Doris Calamaras and Deb Rodriguez, not present)

• President Jim announced that an exchange student had to return to Argentina due to a legal problem with local police.

• The St. Paul’s Center in Rensselaer has a listing of households items needed due to disaster emergencies. The Center takes care of matching up needs and availability of items as well as pickup and delivery. No storage is needed and no cash is involved. The Center’s website is here.

• Jim discussed plans for summer meetings and the presidential changeover meeting which will be held at Jim’s home  when Peter Brown becomes president. Jim’s requested that everyone think about what they would like to do this summer and who would like to host summer informal dinners.

NEXT MEETING: 6:15 p.m., Thursday, March 1, at the Holiday Inn Express. Questar President Jim Baldwin will speak on the 2% school tax cap and how it affects us all.

Go here for the Events Calendar.


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