‘Home Cooking Series’ back for 2012

The Club’s popular “Home Cooking Series” will resume later this month.

The series, which raises funds for the Club’s general treasury, allows member hosts to prepare small dinner parties for six or more guests. Each guest pays a reservation fee, determined by the hosts whose contribution is the meal itself.

We have three events scheduled at the moment. Reservations should be made through President Jim Leyhane. A word of caution: The guest lists typically fill up very quickly so don’t delay. We already had a quick rush of reservations made at Thursday’s meeting when the schedule was announced.

• Saturday, February 24: Chicken and Dressing, the Forth residence, $24 per person. (Only 5 seats remain.)

• Saturday, March 25: Corned Beef and Cabbage, the Forth residence, $25 per person.

• Saturday, April 24: Whiskies & Small Plates, the Dowd residence, $30 per person. (Only 1 or 2 seats remain.)

We still have a May slot to be filled. Anyone who would like to host a dinner, please let President Jim know.

Go here for the Events Calendar.



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