Meeting of November 3, 2011

Attendance (17): Jim Leyhane, Peter Brown, Terry Brewer, Murray Forth, Pat Bailey, Debbie Brown, Russ Edberg, Bill Dowd, Ron Annis, Mark Hoyt, Doris Calamaras, Dan Annis, Bill Kneissl, Phil Egan, Charlie Foote, Debbie Rodriguez, Len Leonidas.

Guests (3): Carole Spencer, District Governor Elect Melissa Ward, exchange student Jasmine Bromberg.


• The coats for children in Schoharie County have been ordered and may arrive as early as tomorrow (11/4). Jim Leyhane wants club members to volunteer to help distribute them on Friday, November 11. Please contact him if you can participate. A $218 “slush fund” was used to finish paying for the list of items needed.

• Reminder: The first “Rotary Home Cooking” dinner of the 2011-12 year will be hosted by the Brewer family on November 12. Nine guest can be accommodated for the comfort food event that is a club fundraiser, Please contact Terry Brewer or Jim Leyhane if you are interested in attending.

• Exchange student Jasmine Bromberg, who is attending Maple Hill High School, reported that school is going well for her. She played on the volleyball team this season ut does not plan any organized sports participation this winter.

Program: Melissa Ward on the District 7190 Website

Melissa demonstrated how to access the website and make use of its links and services. Members were able to practice on laptop computers. She also spoke about the way to change our own information.

Melissa, who is the webmaster, talked about the various calendars and information about upcoming events. She also demonstrated how to access other information. She also answered questions from the group about future projects/needs.

NEXT MEETING: 6:15 p.m. Thursday, November 10, 2011, at the Holiday Inn Express. Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin will be the speaker. Guests are welcome.

[Go here for the Events Calendar.]


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