DG reports on local storm damage

Dear 7190 Rotarians:

In response to the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Irene, Rotarians in all our clubs have shown a desire to help those in need.

We have asked our Assistant Governors to poll the clubs concerning their club and community needs, and have spoken to others who we know to live in the path of the storm. The following is what has come back to us about the club and community losses:

Among the communities with 7190 clubs, Middleburgh is the hardest hit. Water filled the business area and flooded into the shops. They’re getting things cleaned up, but it’s hard to say what businesses will continue and which might just close up. Their short term needs are not as great as the long term picture of rebuilding. A community disaster fund is being considered. AG Garry Wilkins is monitoring the situation and will keep us informed.

Jeanne So informs us that help is needed for an Amsterdam club member who has had severe water damage in their home and the contents, even autos, were all washed away.

AG Sue Austin informs us that the Schenectady East Club is working in Rotterdam Junction to help clean up, and bringing supplies such as water, baby food and paper goods.

Pam Tichy of the Sharon Springs Club reports that the local fire department is collecting items for those in need.
Specifically, gallons of water, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hand wipes and hand sanitizers are critical items. Personal/individual-sized items that can be obtained inexpensively are adequate. They also seek gift cards from stores such as Price Chopper, WalMart, Target, Agway, True Value, Ace Hardware, Aldis, as well as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears.

Bruce Van Denburg, president of Shenendehowa Club, has offered the services of their club and invites club presidents to contact him, as may be the case with many of our clubs. Perhaps this list is a starting point.

Other area communities, such as Schoharie, have been the subject of many local news items.

District money will be available to assist in club projects concerning the storm. That will be under consideration (by) our District Foundation Grants team … .

— Bill Nathan
District Governor 2011-2012
Rotary Club of Albany

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