Weekly message from Terry

• Week of August 7, 2011.

SRC Rotarians:

A special thank-you to Carole Orvis for hosting last week’s meeting. Jim Leyhane indicates the weather was perfect and the meal delightful.

The meeting this week is at Rob and Sue Mangold’s home at 8 Hemlock Lane, East Greenbush (phone 477-5909). They are planning a ribs barbecue for dinner with Jim Mendrysa cooking. A reminder to mix up the desserts and appetizers for this week. If you do not know what to bring, call Rob to let him know so there is a balance between desserts and appetizers.

Rob has invited East Greenbush Town Board members to attend, and they will give an update on what is going on in the town. Please try to attend the meeting and support Rob as a new member.

I have the following club members attending this week. If you have a change in plans please contact Rob. (I am involved in the final plans for my daughter’s wedding on Saturday): Pat Bailey, Deb Brown, Peter Brown, Dean Calamaras, Doris Calamaras, April Dowd, Bill Dowd, Dick Drumm, Mary Drumm, Russ Edberg, Phil Egan, Ann Egan, Charlie Foote, Murray Forth, Maggie Forth, Jeremy Forth, Jim Leyhane, Diane Leyhane,
Crole Orvis, Rob Mangold, Sue Mangold and three guests.

Enjoy the dinner and the evening.

— Terry Brewer

[Go here for the Events Calendar.]


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