Supplies delivered to Peaceable Kingdom rescue

April Dowd, one of our new members, spearheaded a drive to collect supplies for the Peaceable Kingdom Animal Rescue project, headed locally by Columbia County Deputy Sheriff Wendy Guntert.

Wendy spoke at our April 7 meeting, describing the organization’s volunteer mission to rescue abused and unwanted dogs and other animals, re-socialize them, get appropriate medical care as needed, and find new homes for them. Many are rescued from “kill shelters” in Southern states, although in her job with the Sheriff’s Department Wendy also comes across horrendous cases of animal abuse.

April and Bill, with the support of several other people including Terry Brewer, acquired the supplies. On Saturday, April and Bill delivered them to Wendy at her home in Hillsboro where she has extensive housing for the animals as she and other Peaceable Kingdom volunteers seek homes for them.

They delivered 80 pounds of dog food, 30 pounds of cat food, 40 pounds of cat litter, numerous towels and other items. Wendy expressed her gratitude for the support.

April said she will continue to collect items for the program as part of her Rotary effort, and has asked all Southern Rensselaer Club members to contribute pet food coupons; unwanted, clean towels; bleach; newspapers; cat food, and Iams brand dog food. Financial support also is gladly accepted to help with veterinary bills and follow-up medical care.

Incidentally, Peaceable Kingdom is working on its first permanent shelter, located in North Granville, Washington County. Presently, rescued animals are housed at volunteers’ residences.

What follows is a look at Wendy and some of her current temporary boarders.


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