President Terry’s weekly message

• Week of May 15, 2011.

Dear SRC Rotarians:

This  is the final week of preparation for the Rotary Run. The Run takes place on Sunday, May 22, from the Green Meadow School. We will need all Rotarians involved with the activities throughout the day. I have the following individuals signed up for various duties throughout the day. If  I do not have you listed please let me know what you can do to help out:

Mark the Course, Friday, 5/20: Murray Forth, Terry Brewer.

• Pre-Registration Packets at Browns’ house, Saturday, 5/21: Debbie Brown, Peter Brown, Deb Rodriguez, Doris Calamaras, Terry Brewer, Betty Brewer, Geoff Brewer.

Set Up Race and Prep Food, Sunday 5/22: Murray Forth, Terry Brewer, Betty Brewer, Geoff Brewer, Bill Dowd, Carol Orvis, Phil Egan.

Registration Tables and Computer Recording, Sunday 5/22: Brian Forth, Nicole Corbett, Maggie Forth, Pat Bailey, Betty Brewer, Carol Orvis, Deb Brown, Deb Rodriguez, Rick Hannmann.

• Water Station and Race Direction Support, Sunday 5/22: Steve Phelps, Phil Egan, Bill Dowd, April Dowd, Terry Brewer, Geoff Brewer, Murray Forth, Dick Drumm.

• Rotary Information Table, Sunday  5/22: Len Leonidas, Mark Hoyt, Rommel Tolentino.

• Kids Activity Table, Sunday 5/22: Doris Calamaras, Dean Calamaras, Betty Brewer, Maggie Forth, Deb Brown.

Race and Road Safety, Sunday 5/22: Russ Edberg.

• Awards Presentations, Sunday 5/22: Peter Brown, Rick Hannmann.

• Gift Certificates (purchase) for Race, Sunday 5/22: Deb Rodriguez, Pat Bailey.

• Purchase of Food and Fruit for Race, Saturday 5/22: Terry and Betty Brewer.

• Race Starts and Set-up, Sunday 5/22: Rick Hannmann, Peter Brown, Ron Annis, Rob Mangold  and school staff.

If I have missed anyone for an assignment or you have a change in plans for the Run please let me know. We will review the assignments at the meeting on Thursday.

We enjoyed the presentation by Dr. Craig Alexander on modern dentistry at our last meeting. Dr. Alexander provided  important updates on the current research and technical treatments for dental care. He brought humor and insight into dental care for all of us. Thanks to Carol Orvis for sponsoring our speaker.

This week we will finalize our plans for the Rotary race and prepare for Sunday, May 22. The planning session will take the majority of the meeting. Please come prepared to participate in the meeting and assist with the Run on Sunday. Thanks.
I have the following members attending the meeting this week: Ron Annis, Pat Bailey, Geoff Brewer, Terry Brewer, Deb Brown, Peter Brown, Doris Calamaras, Bill Dowd, April Dowd, Dick Drumm, Russ Edberg, Phil Egan, Murray Forth, Bill Kneissl, Len Leonidas, Rob Mangold, Steve Phelps, Deb Rodriguez, Rommel Tolentino. If I have missed anyone or if you have changed your plans on attending the meeting please let me know ASAP.
Dinner menu:
Encrusted pork loin
Tossed Salad
Cheddar-bacon mashed potatoes
Broccoli spears
Dutch style apple pie
Meeting agenda:
Call to meeting @ 6:15 p.m.
Welcome Rotarians and guests
Pledge of Allegiance
Program: Rotary Run planning
Rotary news and updates
Good of Rotary
Adjourn @ 7:30 p.m.
See you on Thursday at the meeting.

[Go here for the Events Calendar.]


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